Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black Damask Frame

Yes, I actually paid money for this.
Well, maybe it was worth the money :-)  Sorry, I'm not a photographer. 
I've got to figure out something better for taking pics.
I'm thinking about adding a nice black damask print fabric behind the wire.

My friend Jen makes the most adorable hair flower clips. 
Well, she had a hair flower clip making party.  I took this
frame with me and we all clipped our creations on it.  Makes an awesome
display.  That was a lot of fun. Thanks Jen!

SO, I added the fabric today.  I LOVE IT!!!  Its so pretty in person.  My friend Bernie is getting married soon and her shower
is this weekend.  Guess what one of her shower gifts will be.... It'll be cute with pics of her and John on it or even
cards clipped to it.  Lovely!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yuma Fireplace Redo

Nice Stone, but it has 1970's wood walls.

Faux Suede walls. LOVED the walls afterwards. Made the fireplace pop out. Put in nice 16x16 tile too.