Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I finally made one, YAY!!!

I'm so excited about this post.  I have been wanting to make one  of these for so long.  This is actually  how I got introduced to blogging.  I had seen a headboard bench and wanted to make one so bad.  So, I googled around and found this post over at My Repurposed Life on how to make a headboard bench of my very own.   Awesome.! Now I just needed a headboard and footboard. 

I have only found trashcans on the curbs where I live, so I checked out Craigslist for a while.  Debating how much handy hunk would let me spend on this.  Last summer when we went out of town to visit my dad as we were leaving town  I saw this headboard and footboard on a curb.  I shrieked in delight.  Good thing Handy Hunk is a good driver.  I was screeching out, "turn around, turn around, go get that headboard."  :-) 

I've finally gotten around to doing something with it.  I was waiting for it to cool off and then I kept doing other projects.... Not anymore.  I finally cut up the footboard and made my bench.

I had 2 drills going.  The Dewalt to do my pilot and countersinking holes and my little Ryobi to put the screws in.  Handy Hunk wasn't home and the clamps I was trying to use could only help me so much.  

I learned that I should make the seat frame and then attach it to the head/footboards.  More level that way, but definitely need another set of hands.  This is the first seat frame attempt.  I used L brackets too.  But, when Handy Hunk got home he convinced me to take the seat frame out and start with new wood and no L brackets. I of course didn't take a picture of my seat frame.  But, I made it on the flat concrete and then attached it to the head/footboards.  Absolutely had to have Handy Hunk help me with that part.  No way to hold it up, get it level and drill the screws in. 

This is it after one coat of paint.  YAY!!! It's 56.5" wide and 22" deep.  Nice big bench.  I've moved it onto our back patio.  It is SO nice.  Absolutely love it.  I'm thinking about adding a little foot rest just because it is so deep.  I'm tall so my feet still touch the ground but I'm sure others would love a little foot rest.  I also added some furniture cushion glides on the bottom.  Similar to these ones at Home Depot.  I just wanted something to protect the feet from wicking up water when it rains.

Sorry I didn't stage it at all.  I was just SO excited to show ya'll what I did :-) 

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