Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vintage Cream Chicken Wire Frame

This little one turned out so CUTE!!  I don't know if I want to add fabric
to it or not.  I'm really digging these little clothespins too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black Round Wall Art Medallians

I have 3, but one I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to salvage one of them.
It has some big chunks missing.  I cleaned them up and painted them
in a beautiful black.  Not to shabby.

I got these at a yard sale.  Obviously not much to look at.   Had to take the
terrible faux mirror chrome thing off the back. 

And, had to glue and clamp them back together.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rustic Frame

I loved this rustic frame.  I didn't want to paint or change it at all
so I just added plain chicken wire and plain little clothespins.
This frame will match the ones I just had put around
 some paintings in my dad's living room.  Guess where this little guy is
going. :-)

Baby Girl Frame

One of my friends is having a baby girl in about 5 weeks.  So, I thought
that a nice Reigna Layn frame would help to complete the nursery. :-)
My friend is decorating the nursery in pink, green, antique white and has
a dove theme.  Well, I got the pink, green and antique white part down. And, a
bird.  I did it free hand on scrapbook paper and so I'll call it a dove. The tail,
which I think is SO cute is just curling ribbon that I glued on.  I used the rest
of the curley ribbon bow for the gift basket.

Also going with the dove theme- I put some pink fabric with little dove/birds.
If you look close I also cut some of the smaller flowers from the bird I made and
glued them to the little baby clothespins.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pima Demo/ Remodel

See the nice bulge? That's bad- its where the pipe froze and burst. One of
4 or 5 spots that we had freeze in our Pima house.  It ruined 3 rooms. Kitchen,
Laundry, and Dining Room.  Plus, an external wall had to be replaced. Everything
had to be replaced. 

Moral of the story?
 1- do pex for plumbing instead of copper
2. teach your renters (husband and wife) how to turn the water off 
They are HORRIBLE!!!

And, thanks to the first picture we ended up with several of these water spots.
This one is in the laundry room.
Which leads us to this... DEMO!!! Everything had to go.
Cabinets- they were warped and the doors were askew.
Walls had to go, window had to go.  Some of the electrical
was replaced as well.  Good thing I have "Handy Hunk."

See the theme here?  This is the pex and shark bites.

This is the front.  Since we had to redo some of the exterior walls and the old color was DRAB, we repainted the entire house.  Love the color scheme now.  Its called Verdigris (greenish grey) with a cream trim and of course a RED door.

This was the original color.  This is when we first bought this house. 
Such a cute house.  Now its extra cute in the pretty verdigris with the red door :-)
And, of course now that pretty much EVERYTHING is new inside.

Newport Tile Job

Done!!! Thank goodness. Next time I get the BRILLIANT
idea to tile a 220sq ft room without handy hunk- remind me
to look at these photos. 
But, it was worth it.  Even handy hunk said that I did a really
good job.  :-)

So, this room is at my in-laws.  They wanted a nice tile floor.
Handy Hunk had been very busy- so I decided that I would tile
it, so that he would have less to do.  The floor base was a laminate
flooring-and, yes the orange is paint.  I did the whole thing by
myself- with the exception, that my father in-law took pity on how
tired I looked and helped me grout some of it.  Thanks Joe!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Red Set

I made a matching chicken-wire frame and chalk-board set.

I learned a few things about chalk paint on this one.  You have to be EXTRA,
EXTRA careful when you take the tape off- it was a little breezy when I took
it off and it flopped onto the chalk paint- thus the little boo boo on the right
side.  Not too bad- just adds character, right?