Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!!

Top Gun.  Love that scene.  "Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire"....  Anyways.... back to the post:

Fiona at just paint it white  was sweet enough to pass on the

to me and 4 other awesome bloggers. Woohoo!!! Thanks Fiona!!  So, now I have to tell you five things about me:

1. I'm a vegetarian and my husband is a meatatarian...  I swap hamburger patties for pickles and lettuce with him :-)  Works out great. 

2.  I actually have to work to support my crafts and diy habits... So, after a couple of years and then a couple of extra years in college I'm a Registered Nurse.   I love blood and guts so it works for me. :-)  But please- keep your loogies to yourself.

3.  Reigna Layna was a nickname that my grandfather gave to me as a little kid.  Kinda sweet.  Reigna means Queen.  Layna is  a shortened name of my real name: Alayna.   Do NOT like Layna.  So if you take off the first and the last A's and you get: Layn.  It's my Starbucks name.  You know when you order your non fat, no water, extra hot chai latte and you give them your name?  I always say Layn.   Handy Hunk calls it my Snob name.  :-)  Whatever!

4. Beer or Wine????  Draft beer, please. Thank you!

5. I'm a native Arizonian.  Anyone know the Eagles?  Take it Easy??  Yep, I grew up in Winslow, AZ.  And, yes I actually drove a flat bed ford.  (Only when forced too.)  And, I am way, Way, WAY too young to have been the girl in the song. :-)  Although I did find grey hair in 2011!!!!!

That's enough about me. 

Since we are sticking with the number five. I now get to pass this on to 5 other wonderful bloggers. 
In alphabetical order:

Drum roll.................

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meet Melodee

I'm naming this piece Melodee because that is the name of the wonderful friend that I bought this table from.  I wish I had an original picture.  When I got it there were no doors.  Just 2 tension rods holding a blue curtain in place.  I made new little curtains for it.  Then I spray painted it black a couple of years ago.  I had my bird cage on it for a long time.  Then last year we ended up with another bird, and then another. Furniture shuffled around and it ended up as a side table to my couch.  But, it was looking dark and drab.  I wanted to try my ASCP on something else so I grabbed this one. 

 Before ASCP and new curtains...

I didn't paint the entire inside.  I didn't want to waste any ASCP so I just wiped my brush off in there before I cleaned it. The curtains cover it anyways....

Check out those legs...

I used the Paloma ASCP.  Some Miniwax (light) and then a little bit of the dark ASCP wax.  This one didn't chip.  ASCP is trying to help me figure out why my other two pieces chipped.....I'll let  you know.  I made a new curtain.  The 2 end panels are actually painters drop cloth.  I just made new living room curtains out of the rest of that particular drop cloth :-)  Of course- this was a no sew curtain.  My poor sewing machine hasn't been used in a L-O-N-G time. I can't help it.  I love my hot glue gun.

Handy Hunk actually likes this one.  We don't always have the same taste.  I like collections, he likes minimal/bare... :-)  This little cutie is SO soft.  I just love petting her. Never thought I'd go around petting my furniture, but I am with this ASCP. Its so creamy smooth.  I just can't help it.

                                                       Liking up with:

                                  shabby creek cottage



Sunday, January 1, 2012

SOS! Why is my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Chipping???

I really hate to post this, but I seriously need some ASCP help.  Let me start with project 1:

I got the front door of a kitchen sink cabinet and didn't do anything but clean it and then I painted it; well I added a little embellishment so I could play with the colors, distressing and waxing :-). 

I painted 1/2 in the Paloma and the other 1/2 in the Emperors Silk.  Then I painted the Old White all over it.  I was so sad to see it chip.  What the hay? I thought this was never going to happen to me with ASCP.  Ok, maybe I did something wrong.  Let me sand it back and try again.  And, again.  Yep-still doing it on that door.  It mostly chipped on the Emperors Silk side.  Just one tiny spot on the Paloma side.

I googled and googled to see if there was anyone else in the entire ASCP world that had ever had something chip or peel... nope. Not really.  One chick had a chip, but she didn't transport her piece carefully. YAY- I'm still (sadly) hope that I had just made some silly little error somewhere...

Moving on from that project.  I did project #2.  I did the other door 1/2 with the Rustoleum Kit that a client had given me and the other 1/2 I was determined to do with the ASCP.  Painted 1/4 with Duck Egg Blue, 1/4 in Emperors Silk and the other 1/2 in the Rustoleum.  I actually got this one waxed and done with no chipping.  I love this door.  I like to run my hands over both sides.  You can feel where the Rusoleum ends and the ASCP begins.  Love the ASCP side.  I made my husband close his eyes and I ran his hand back and forth... he really likes the ASCP feel too. 
Ok, I was ready to try another project...

Project #3. I redid my sofa side table.  I had spray painted it black a couple of years ago (yes, with spray paint.  Came out pretty nice, actually. No comparison to it now though.) I painted 2 coats of the Paloma, waxed it, and now I LOVE it!!! Its so soft.  I just want to pet it.  My husband loves it.  Which is rare.  We have different style tastes.  Confidence rebuilt....

I didn't want to waste the paint on the inside. Just imagine a curtain across the open front area. Its cute. I'll be posting before and better after pictures in another post. 

Which brings me to project #4.  I decided to paint a buffet table.  Maybe I shouldn't call it that since my birds and their cages sit on it. Cleaned it off, put a little red paint on it (not ASCP, I thought maybe it was the combo of the Emperors Silk with the Old White that made project 1 chip).   I love the way the red comes through the distressing on the door in project 1 (where it isn't chipped).  Ok- painted 1st coat of ASCP after red was dry.  Thin coat.  Could still see the original table and a little of the red.  Applied 2nd coat.  As I was watching it dry I could see it chipping AGAIN!!!  What the hay?-again. 

When I try to sand it, its going all the way back to the red paint I painted on.  Not good.  This is 2 coats in most spots, 3 in others.  I just kept painting it until I felt like it was getting enough coverage.  

Any ideas or suggestions?  I'm thinking that its my Old White.  The Paloma piece came out great.  This is such a shame.  I really wanted the old white to work.

I don't do facebook, but I found this piece during my latest massive google search.  I'm not the only one. 

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Anamaria Shamoun-Grabowski
So I'm back with another Old White problem/question. I am getting amazing coverage with other colors but not the old white. This is only the second piece I do with it (old white.) I am finding that I'm 4 coats in and still have brush marks and wood showing through. With all the other colors I've tried I'm completely covered at 2 coats. Is this an old white thing. If you rememb my first old white piece was the one where the paint just cracked right off. I'm starting to think old white has a thing against me? Lol. But seriously, is there some old white secret I don't know about?
    • Anamaria Shamoun-Grabowski How would I know if my pot isn't "quite right?"
      8 hours ago