Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bird Project Take I

So, I saw this AWESOME how to at 
on how to make this really cute Birdie Love T-shirt

LOVED IT!!!! Had to make one.  I went to Joann's totally scored a t-shirt for 3 bucks. 

I cut out 3 different birds. 

Option A:

Option B:

I opted for option A.  SO, what to do with option B reject bird??? Hmmm.  I'll glue it to one of my million (slight exaggeration)  clothespins. 
Bummer, fabric a bit to floppy.  Ok, cut out and add cardboard to the back.  

Add an orange beak to the clothespin.

Hot glue it all together...

Put it on the new Zebra print c-wire frame I just did. 

 Can you find the birdie??

There he is. 

I was making extra flowers tonight, thats why there were some extra's on the frame.  Still getting ready for Art in the Alley. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soup Du Jour

My MIL had given me a stack of frames that her friend was getting rid of.  SCORE!!!!  This soup du jour was one of them...

So after a little spray paint, c-wire, and fabric....

I did add a little cork section to it, just to make it more functional.  I was able to recycle the cork from this project.  Love that I've used the cork from 1 frame in 3 frames now and still have some left over.

 Of course had to do a flower. :-)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage Frame Finished

I had started this frame a while ago, ok August.  See it here.   I seem to say "I'm not sure if I'm going to add fabric or not" alot.  Then I always do add the fabric. I can't help it. I love the fabric backs. I'm going to try to stop saying that.    ANYWAYS... here she is with of course, BURLAP...

She wouldn't be complete without a matching clothespin flower.  This burlap flower didn't give me fits like my last one did.  I'll be taking this frame to Art In The Alley  in December. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Layn's Laundry Room

Since I've posted the bathroom, I might as well post some more of the chateau (ahem,..cottage).  This is the tiniest house I have ever lived in.  Its right around 1200sf.  But, I actually really like this little abode of ours.  We've gutted and redone just about everything in here (or if we haven't, its still on the list to be done :-) ).
Since Handy Hunk is from Mass, I had to do a tribute to the Red Sox. Of course I would have a dilemma if it came down to The Diamondbacks vs the Red Sox...

This is the laundry room before.  BLAH!  It's large for a laundry room, but nothing there.  An old water heater (that we've replaced).  So... I took the original kitchen cabinets, which were boring, and replaced them with my fav Home Crest Cabinets.  I took them all out, painted them white then had Handy Hunk install them in the laundry/craft room for me. :-)  Isn't he great...

This is the original kitchen.  Just to show you what the cabinets were like before I painted and moved them into the laundry room (which is through the doorway to the left in this picture).

I tried to convince Handy Hunk to put a chandelier in the bathroom for me.  He stood his ground and wouldn't budge...whats a girl to do?  Of course, I just had to go and buy one for the laundry room then.  :-) 

We had purchased the washer and dryer prior to our moving in here.  LOVE them.  You'll see once I post the rest of the chateau pics, that I went with all Maytag appliances.  Love them all. 

Handy Hunk made me a Solid Surface (Wilson Art) counter top.  He spoils me.  Love it. 

Had to cover up the water heater, so that's what the red gingham check fabric is that you'll see in the corner.  I have a plan brewing in my mind on how to cover it up better.  If I do it and it works I'll post it later.
I had Handy Hunk leave enough room for me to decorate above the cabinets.... just wanted space to put some more of my "collection".  The laundry room is also the dog's room.  There is a doggie door that lets them in and out as they please.  However, since I do not care to have wet dogs running amuck in the house I had Handy Hunk cut the door that led from the kitchen to the laundry room in half creating a dutch door so I could have this:

He had just cut it and they were testing it out.  SO CUTE!!!  Small, Large, and Medium.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

East Coast Inspired Loo

Handy Hunk and I just got back from visiting the East coast.  He's originally from Massachusetts and I LOVED the beaches back there.  SO, I brought a little of them home with us.  We went everywhere. Maine, Mass, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont.  Which of course was very easy to do as they are all very close together.  Nothing like out West where you drive for hours and are still in the same county.  

Anyways.  I had done our hall bathroom in Venetian Plaster when we moved in.  LOVE IT!!!!  I even got Handy Hunk to put up some crown molding and the chair rail up for me.  But, I had not yet put anything on the walls until I knew for sure what I wanted in there.  After going to Maine and Mass., I knew what I wanted in there.

I made the apothecary jars  just for this shelf.  I needed skinny ones.  I didn't want them to get bumped off...  I brought home sand from 3 Beaches = 3 apothecary jars.

I purchased this shelf from Home Depot.  I didn't want to wait for a yard sale or thrift store score... I was too eager to get my sand apothecary jars up :-)  I put little pictures in each of the apothecary jars.
Showing each of the beaches where the sand came from.

Race Point Beach, Cape Cod

"Sea Gull Beach" Hyannis/Barnstable, Cape Cod

Brenton Park Beach, Newport, Rhode Island

My MIL had given me this shelf.  I honestly had no plans to use it.  But, I needed some shelf real estate bad.  Handy Hunk wouldn't let me put another shelf on the opposite wall of the one already in the bathroom because he probably would bump it getting in and out of the shower.... Where to put another shelf..... HMMM....

 BRILLIANT!!  Of course, had to paint it white.  And, cut it to fit the trim around the door.

The placement of "stuff" is a work in progress...

Pottery Barn
LOVE this shelf. Hate the price. Originally it was $449!!!! On sale for ONLY $269....
Notice the cute little Nantucket Belle boat?  I had a cheap little plastic boat already.
My Dad had purchased new scuba diving gear, so he tried it out in our pool
this summer. I bought a cheap little toy boat, in case he goes diving my
backyard again, he can search for sunken treasures. :-)

Of course, I had to embellish it a little bit.  (You can't see it) But, I painted the lights on top in blue and red.  Then I painted Mass P.D. on the back :-)  If you notice the jar next to it, its Massachusetts Police Association. I just had to put it in here. 

Couldnt resist adding another awesome picture from our vacation to the countertop. 
Also, had an extra seashell.  Added soap and there it is... so cute.

The other wall.  Not done, but not forgotten.  I'm thinking about hanging a starfish in the middle of the frame.  Or mabe just a big letter L (for Layn, Loo, or L for our last name, they all fit).

OH, and the coral on top of the door shelf.... :-)  It was from Wallyworld.  Just painted it white.

Just thought I should show you a before picture of the bathroom too.
We gutted it before we moved it.  Put in a jaccuzi tub, new tile, new vanity, new lights, new moldings, new water saver toilet (which we LOVE), new everything! 

I'll show you the Wilsonart tub surround later.  Handy hunk is going to switch out the window before he puts up the finished trim around it. 

Nasty outdated all  in one sink/countertop.  Old cabinet...  If you notice theres only one outlet in this picture... Its so nice that Handy Hunk is an electritian... There are NEVER enough outlets in a bathroom.  Never.  So, I now have an extra outlet :-)  YAY!!!

This new vanity is extra tall :-)  I hate having to bend all the way down there to wash my face.  So, I got the extra tall vanity.  LOVE it.  Its from Home Crest Cabinets.  Love their cabinets. 

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand Central Station Board

This is probably my new fav board.  Its a 4 in 1.  I know, it only has 3 panels.  1-cork board section, 1 chicken wire clip section, and 1 chalkboard section.  BUT.... the chalkboard section is also magnetic.  SWEET!!!!

This is the sad state it was in before.  I was able to recycle some of the cork from the last black damask cork board project. 

TA DA!!!!   Absolutely Fabulous!  This board is the ultimate command center for a busy house.  Clip or tack school papers. Write down to do or shopping lists.  Tack on a small calendar to keep up with the appts.....  etc.  You get the idea.

Maybe I'll save this 'lil sweetie for our table. My Mother in Law and I are planning on doing ART IN THE ALLEY  on Dec 6th.  If you're in the Southern Arizona area you should come check it out and say HI! 

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