Sunday, October 23, 2011

Layn's Laundry Room

Since I've posted the bathroom, I might as well post some more of the chateau (ahem,..cottage).  This is the tiniest house I have ever lived in.  Its right around 1200sf.  But, I actually really like this little abode of ours.  We've gutted and redone just about everything in here (or if we haven't, its still on the list to be done :-) ).
Since Handy Hunk is from Mass, I had to do a tribute to the Red Sox. Of course I would have a dilemma if it came down to The Diamondbacks vs the Red Sox...

This is the laundry room before.  BLAH!  It's large for a laundry room, but nothing there.  An old water heater (that we've replaced).  So... I took the original kitchen cabinets, which were boring, and replaced them with my fav Home Crest Cabinets.  I took them all out, painted them white then had Handy Hunk install them in the laundry/craft room for me. :-)  Isn't he great...

This is the original kitchen.  Just to show you what the cabinets were like before I painted and moved them into the laundry room (which is through the doorway to the left in this picture).

I tried to convince Handy Hunk to put a chandelier in the bathroom for me.  He stood his ground and wouldn't budge...whats a girl to do?  Of course, I just had to go and buy one for the laundry room then.  :-) 

We had purchased the washer and dryer prior to our moving in here.  LOVE them.  You'll see once I post the rest of the chateau pics, that I went with all Maytag appliances.  Love them all. 

Handy Hunk made me a Solid Surface (Wilson Art) counter top.  He spoils me.  Love it. 

Had to cover up the water heater, so that's what the red gingham check fabric is that you'll see in the corner.  I have a plan brewing in my mind on how to cover it up better.  If I do it and it works I'll post it later.
I had Handy Hunk leave enough room for me to decorate above the cabinets.... just wanted space to put some more of my "collection".  The laundry room is also the dog's room.  There is a doggie door that lets them in and out as they please.  However, since I do not care to have wet dogs running amuck in the house I had Handy Hunk cut the door that led from the kitchen to the laundry room in half creating a dutch door so I could have this:

He had just cut it and they were testing it out.  SO CUTE!!!  Small, Large, and Medium.

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Mel said...

Lucky, lucky girl! What a fabulous space. I would love to have a beautiful and organized craft area like that. Of course the chandy was a must :) When I have to replace my appliances, I'm going for the beauties too.

Thanks for linking up to the par-tay!

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Tracy said...

How pretty! I love the pops of red with the white, it's just almost too pretty for a laundry room!

Hmm, maybe that is what I need... a Handy Hunk! lol

Erin said...

I love the red washer/ jealous. LOL The laundry room looks amazing, but more have so much room in there. That is awesome! :)

Mel said... your last message you are still showing up as a no-reply blogger. I am not sure what else you can do, it's beyond my limited knowledge :)

Maybe you can get some help in the blogger forums?

gail said...

You both are doing a great job of making your house a well loved home! Great changes, everything looks super!
That picture of the dogs melts my heart! So cute!
I need a doggie door! Oh my! So tired of letting the little one in and out and in again!

Junky Vagabond said...

Was loving all the pictures, the red w&d, the cute parisian theme, and then BLAM! the most adorable picture ever - your dogs hanging on the door :) Thanks for making my morning!

Katy said...

I loooooove those red maytags. wow!! awesome redo