Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bird Project Take I

So, I saw this AWESOME how to at 
on how to make this really cute Birdie Love T-shirt

LOVED IT!!!! Had to make one.  I went to Joann's totally scored a t-shirt for 3 bucks. 

I cut out 3 different birds. 

Option A:

Option B:

I opted for option A.  SO, what to do with option B reject bird??? Hmmm.  I'll glue it to one of my million (slight exaggeration)  clothespins. 
Bummer, fabric a bit to floppy.  Ok, cut out and add cardboard to the back.  

Add an orange beak to the clothespin.

Hot glue it all together...

Put it on the new Zebra print c-wire frame I just did. 

 Can you find the birdie??

There he is. 

I was making extra flowers tonight, thats why there were some extra's on the frame.  Still getting ready for Art in the Alley. 

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