Monday, October 10, 2011

Grand Central Station Board

This is probably my new fav board.  Its a 4 in 1.  I know, it only has 3 panels.  1-cork board section, 1 chicken wire clip section, and 1 chalkboard section.  BUT.... the chalkboard section is also magnetic.  SWEET!!!!

This is the sad state it was in before.  I was able to recycle some of the cork from the last black damask cork board project. 

TA DA!!!!   Absolutely Fabulous!  This board is the ultimate command center for a busy house.  Clip or tack school papers. Write down to do or shopping lists.  Tack on a small calendar to keep up with the appts.....  etc.  You get the idea.

Maybe I'll save this 'lil sweetie for our table. My Mother in Law and I are planning on doing ART IN THE ALLEY  on Dec 6th.  If you're in the Southern Arizona area you should come check it out and say HI! 

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gail said...

super repurpose! I just sold a window really similar to this last week at Glendale. :) Mine also had a dry erase portion (window with white paint on the back of it)
Love the color and the fabric!