Monday, October 10, 2011

Braided Rag Rug

I've been wanting a rag rug so bad.  But, when you look at the nice handmade ones they're a little pricey.  I now know why :-)  Its kind of easy, but it takes a lot of time.  I was so excited when I found this tutorial at moda bake shop.  Of course I just had to try it.  I went to Savers and got a flat full size sheet and 1 baby waffle weave blanket.  The baby blanket was in impulse purchase :-)  I was thinking that maybe I'd stitch the finished rag rug to the baby blanket.  But, my mother in law told me that rag rugs can get slippery.  SO... I cut the baby blanket up and braided it in too. I think an entire rag rug out of waffle weave fabric would be really nice. 

The sheet from Savers.

The waffle weave baby blanket, and Nene.  Isnt she so cute.  She wanted to hang out with me.  Honestly, I think she was hoping I was making her a new banky-bed. :-)

This looks good, but shouldn't it be a bit bigger????  Oh...NICE!  I was sewing it together with the braid on its side.   Unstitch it all...

Try again:...

I know.  I still have some tacking to do on it.  But, honestly I'm SO over this rug right now.  It was the project that would never end.  Plus once I put it into the bathroom.  I wasn't completely convinced that I want to use it as a shower mat.  Maybe Nene will get a new banky-bed after all :-)

$3      baby waffle weave blanket
$4      flat full size sheet
$X     TIME (I cant come up with a $ for that :-))
$7      Total

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