Saturday, October 1, 2011

Home Made Apothecary Jars

I freely admit that I LOVE apothecary jars.  I have them on my kitchen counters for my sugar and flour jars.  I have them holding dog treats in the laundry room.  I even have some in the closet holding bars of soap, just because I think even linen closets should be pretty .  So, what I needed was, of course- some more :-) 

I found a diy blog on homemade apothecary jars and I just had to try it (minus the pagan holiday part).  I went to the dollar tree and loaded up.  Can't go wrong with only a buck a piece, right?

I almost forgot to take any before pictures.... the lids were from 2 other jars, (which I had to buy just for the lids but they had spirally designs going down them which I didn't want).  I've already used the spirally jars for something else, yay. 

This little guy I bought at Starbucks years ago.  I used to have it on my desk at work (back when I had a desk job) filled with candy :-)  In recent years it's been holding dog treats :-)  Never was a fan of the gold top though.

I went to Lowes to get spray paint, and OH- looky there, a nice finial.  In a 2 pack... hmmm
This lid was a thin metal, so I just took a nail hammered a little hole in it and then put in the screw that was already on the bottom of the finial through the lid and ta-da!

Spray painting is quickly becoming my new favorite thing to do. :-)

Now which jar do I want on top of which candlestick??

This is the hardest part... or not.  I'll go with the first placement.  I then used gorilla glue to secure them together.  I put heavy books on top to weigh them down.  LOVE them!!

Breakdown of cost:
$3      3 candlestick holders
$2      2 plain jars 
$2      2 spirally jars with matching lids (that thankfully fit the plain jars)
$4      1 can of silver metallic spray paint 
$3      1 package of 2 wooden finials
free    1 well used Starbucks jar
free    1 tube of gorilla glue that I already had
$14 total cost.  SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Katie Franck said...

Your jars turned out beautiful!! Great job :)