Sunday, September 4, 2011

My First Burlap Flower

Burlap seems to be a popular fabric right now.  Have you
checked out Ballard Design lately??  So- I did the burlap board
and needed to embellish it just a wee bit- so I thought I'd make a
flower to go on one of the clothes pins. I went to
 craftaholicsanonymous to check out how she did it. She has
AMAZING tips on burlap- like how to get it to cut straight. 
 Wish I had read that post before I cut it for the board.  Anyways-
 so this is how I did my flower:

They look like little peanuts :-)  I made 3 of each size.  The larger
ones are almost the same length of the clothespin I glued them onto.

My peanuts all cut out.

Ok- so this is where something went wrong.  craftaholicsanonymous
said to fold over at both sides in the center and glue in place....
well- mine kinda just got pinched in the middle.  What can I say-
the glue and I were not getting along
(In fact- I have a glue burn blister on the tip of my finger now)
To make it still work and not have to start all over I just cut
a v notch out of each one and fit the next petal (peanut) into the V.
Which you can see the V in this picture.  Glued them at the V's
and ta da.  It still worked. YAY!!!!  To finish it I just glued
one of the buttons from my button jar in the center. 
Not bad for my first flower (esp since I did it out of Burlap)

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