Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Sew Ruffle Lampshade


I love the femininity of the ruffle lamp shade.  As I was browsing around Hobby Lobby I found this:

I loved the ruffles, but not the price tag and the fact that it comes in only one size.  Of course, I decided I could make my own. 

I googled around to find a similar self made shade.  I found these 2 (drab to fab , and A little piece of heaven) that were close contenders, but neither one were quite what I was wanting.

This was so easy!  I have two more shades that I'm going to have to do. 

I started with the burlap lampshades that seems like I just got from Target.  Loved them so much when I got them.  Now I'm covering them up.  Guess I'm fickle like that. :-) Anyways, I cut some strips of fabric.  Frayed edges are fine with me.  I used some left over painters drop cloth fabric and some stripped fabric that I had on hand.  I plugged in my hot glue gun and went to town.

I didnt really take any as I was doing it pictures.  But, I  simply started on the seam of the shade and took a strip of my fabric.  I folded the fabric in half (length wise) as I was gluing it down.  I glued down the middle of the fabric bunching it up as I went.  I hope you understand my super technical terms. :-) It kinda looks like I had ruffled the fabric and then glued it down.  But, this is a NO sew project.  So, I glued and ruffled as I went. 
And, kept going....  Here you can see that little bit of where the ruffles didnt meet enough to cover the burlap shade.  No worries.  See the little fabric scrap at the bottom of the picture?  Glued and ruffled it on the bare shade spot. 


Here it is all lit up.  Love it.  Of course I had to make a little flower to go with it.  Its the same fabric as my No Sew Pillow Cover.  Plus I made it almost like I made my Burlap Fabric Flower.

Liking up (cause its more fun that way)...

Southern Lovely



fiona anderson said...

It's adorable Layn, really, really pretty. How nice that it's a no sew project too !

Tuula @ The Thrifty Rebel said...

This is so pretty! What a wonderful idea! The flower is just the icing on the cake. Great job! I'm your newest follower through GFC.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I love a great no-sew makeover. Your ruffled lamp shades look fabulous!