Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Baby Frame

Another friend of mine is having a baby.  I'm in that age range. :-)  What else to give her, but a Reigna Layn frame.  I had to ask around and find out what color scheme she has going for the nursery and she's going really neutral.  A little bird told me that she too is having a bird theme in the nursery. 
Here it is:

For the eye I used a blue sharpie to color a string of burlap.  Then I threaded the button with it.

A flower to go with it too, of course. 

 This is the before I did anything to it, picture.

Oh- she's having a baby girl, in case you were wondering.
I just love the burlap! 
They're having the baby shower this weekend.  I hope that she likes it.


Junky Vagabond said...

That is seriously amazingly cute! She will love it!

CMcCain said...

She absolutly LOVES it. It was one of her favorite gifts and its already on the wall in the nursery. Thank you so much!!!!!