Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knitting Needle Explanation

I'm not really a knitter.  I couldn't read a pattern if I had to, but... I know how to knit one way and so I do it (sometimes).  Reminds me of Lady Kluck, the chicken, in Robin Hood (the Disney Cartoon) as she knits while in waiting on Maid Marian... I dunno where that came from- just saying.  Anyways.... in my tiling tutorial/epic long post- I recommended using a knitting needle.  It's an awesome tiling tool.  I almost totally thought I had  thrown these tiling treasures away.  Let me explain.

Let me introduce the Cookie Monster scarf.  Took me 3 years (yes, years) to finish it.  I was using a size 8 needle. Using fine furry like yarn. Plus, like I typed, I'm not a knitter. AND, I was a newlywed then.  Had to train handy hunk to do household projects, like moving toilets over 5 inches. :-) 3 years later- I finally had, had it with knitting it and had my friend show me how to cast off (that was a lot of had's). <this is where I thought I threw those needles away>

Now, please meet Black Gothic, number 2 in the line up. Only took me 1 1/2years to finish (woohhoo, only 1/2 the time).  Still not a dedicated knitter.  Purchased size 11 needles to do this one.  Way too wide though. Big and Black, I need to dress it up somehow. 

Now let me introduce Black Autumn.  Scarf #3.  This only only took me 1 1/2weeks.  WHAT?  Yes, weeks. By my calculations (very unscientific) at this rate my next one should only take me 1 1/2hrs to complete ;-) If I keep this rapid rate of knitting up, I should be able to crank them out in 1 1/2 minutes :-) LOL  Just kidding.   Still using the size 11 needles.  Got smart- made it narrower. Also, added a loop at the end for versatile wearing.  

All this to explain what?  Oh yeah- that you shouldn't throw knitting needles away- even if you never ever, ever plan on using them again.  You just might repurpose them for something worthwhile.

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Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

lmao about the cookie monster scarf. too funny.
I only know how to knit potholders. That's it. Used to make them for my mom for Christmas.
I'm impressed that there are different numbered needles, didn't know that. When not using for tiling tools they could probably be used as cool bud vase fillers (instead of flowers). ;)