Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do you Swap??

I wish everyone was on Swap.

Let me explain...

You have a DVD I want.  I have a DVD you want. We mail them to each other and tada- we both have a new DVD (to us), we didn't have to spend a lot of money, only the cost of shipping.  YAY!!  Win-Win! 

I'm posting this for somewhat selfish reasons. :-)  I hope more people join swap- so that I can get some more swapping. :-) 

I have a 2 lists on swap. On is items, books, dvd's, cd's, and or games, that I want. The other list is items, books, dvd's, cd's, and or games that I have.  Then swap will match me up with someone that has them.  Its not always a direct swap though.  Usually several swaps involved. 

I've outgrown a lot of my dvd's.  And, when you try to sale them at a yard sale.  Ugh!  People nickle and dime you to DEATH!  One of my favorite trades on Swap so far:

I had this dvd:
10 Things I Hate About You - Comedies - movie
and I ended up with this dvd:
 Pride and Prejudice - Dramas - movie
This version of Pride and Prejudice is AWESOME!!!!  I turn it on while doing my projects.  Just love it.  The other dvd was just sitting around.  Hadn't watched it since what 1998?  Its great to clean out. 

Ship via media mail (WAY cheaper) and get delivery confirmation. Total is usually around 3 something.  Better than the $5 bin at Walmart. :-) 

It's green! And, Cheap! Plus gives the postal employees job security :-)

Hope to swap with you!

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