Friday, December 23, 2011

Playing Hide and Seek. I won!

When we remodeled the kitchen we put in a corner cabinet with the plans of putting the smaller counter top appliances in the bottom of the cabinet.  There was an outlet already there and everything.  Well... when the cabinet got installed the outlet got covered up and forgotten.  :-(  <--big sad face.  I like my coffee pot and toaster, but they're not something I like looking at all the time.  My electrician/cabinet man/everything else was a work and I decided that the time had come to uncover that outlet and get it plugged in... 

Here's the before picture.  See the terracotta colored thing to the left of the window? That's what I was going for.

My first hole was slightly off.  I forgot that we had replaced the window with a smaller one so that measurement was off.  I worked my way across, 10" up from the counter. The other outlets middles are around 10", so I figured I'd get a spark eventually :-)

Second hole- strike out.  Third hole- no go.  Hmmmm. 

OH- there's a little gap between the cabinet and the wall (thanks to nothing being perfectly straight).  I flashed my flashlight down there, squinted one eye in the little crack and woohoo- I saw the outlet. 

Put my trusty knitting needle into one of the holes went back and took another peek- I was pretty close.  Actually, I was just on the side of it. YAY! So I started cutting/chipping/ripping it away.

Peekaboo, I'm so happy to see you!

Ended up with this. Oh- and notice that it's a GFI?  Hmmm... my electrician must of replaced it before he put up the cabinet... good thing it hadn't tripped.  That would of been a nightmare to figure out.

These are the culprits that get a new home. YAY!!!

Plugged them in.  No problem. I'm not sure if I'm going to worry about an outlet cover or not.  It'll never really be right since the cabinet will be a barrier in between the outlet and the cover.  For now- this is perfect.

Looks good.

Before tile, before cutting up cabinets...

Now they're hidden and I have some more counter top space.  And, yes the apothecary jar collection grew from the before pic to the after pic.  I LOVE them. What can I say.  At least they're functional.  Holding the flour, sugar, sugar, sugar and candies ;-)

Sorry about the pics.  I took them with my phone and to get the lighting in the dark corner cabinet I used a flashlight pointing upward.  Kinda nice.  I think I will have to get one of those 1990's style push light to put in this cabinet. I was so proud of my "find" yesterday.  Handy Hunk had forgotten all about it.  Good thing I don't let these little things go :-)

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