Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guess what I got?!!! Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I am just giddy with excitement.  I can't believe I actually got some ASCP and I didn't have to pay shipping.  Which makes it so much better.  There is this adorable store in Chandler, AZ called Green Table Gifts 

SO CUTE!!!  They have some really awesome things in there. Their website doesn't do it justice.  I just kept walking around looking and trying to take it all in.  I went just to get the ASCP.  Got sidetracked, had to refocus. They are the newest stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Arizona.  YAY!  Less than an hour from where I live.  So happy!

The hardest part was deciding which colors to get. I ended up getting a can of the Old White and four sample pots in: Emperor's Silk, Paris Grey, Paloma, and Duck Egg Blue. Plus a can of the Dark Wax.  I'm on the waiting list for the Clear Wax and those awesome round brushes. 

If I thought I could justify it to Handy Hunk I probably would have gotten a sample pot in every color; all 28. At 10bucks a pop :-). See what I mean?  How to justify 300 dollars worth of paint sample jars. Hmmm... I thought this one through, thankfully.  But, I did buy a hand painted color chart, it was only 4 dollars.  Smokin' deal.  Totally justifiable.

I have a sample door in progress right now.  Hopefully I will have it posted soon. Here's a sneak peek:

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