Monday, December 19, 2011

Succulents and Baskets

I went to Marshall's today :-)  LOVE that store. Found a few things, I just had to have.

These baskets are too cute.  I had seen some similar to the one in the back of the picture.  I had passed them by, only to get home and wish that I had gotten them.  SO, when I saw these today I snagged them up right quick. The possibilities with these little gems are endless... Candies, flowers, taking cutlery outside for BBQ's.... or succulents.  Yep, that's the ticket. I used to have lots of plants around the house.  However, after moving 7 times in 5years I gave away the surviving plants. Sadly, some didn't care for that much moving.  Anyways- succulents shouldn't mind. I hope.  But, we are kind of stuck where we're at now... So, they've got a great shot at longevity.

Went and bought these cuties.

Added rocks to the bottom then some cacti/ succulent soil... I think they're super duper adorable.  They're sitting on my dining room table for now.  But, when the weather gets back to normal (hot, I live in Southern AZ) I can just tote them outside for some sunshine...

I didn't paint, mend, hot glue or rebuild anything for this little project.  Yet, I'm so excited to have it done.  I guess I missed having little green living things around. That, and I just LOVE these baskets.

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fiona anderson said...

I love succulents as well but never have much luck with them. They would really please me if I had some potted up like yours ! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm going to follow - perhaps you'll follow me back ?!?