Sunday, December 4, 2011

NO Sew Pillow Cover

I was blog surfing :-) and I read that someone had hot glued their pillowcase. (sorry, I can't remember which blog)

The following is the conversation that went on in my head. <Yes, it was a one way conversation. No voices responded. Thankfully!>

WHAT!?  I thought.  That's crazy.  It totally has to be sewn.  Why? I asked myself.  I dunno. Because....  Because why?  OMG I'm not a 3year old.  Move on.  hmmm...I don't like to sew.  I have a hot glue gun.  I'm totally awesome at gluing and burning my fingers.... hmmmm I should totally try this hot glue gun no sew pillow cover thing.  It'll be totally awesome.  Maybe I won't burn as many fingers. 

Ok- back to reality.  So, I did the glue gun pillow cover experiment.  AWESOME!!!  Love my new pillow.

This picture below is SO not my living room.  Totally wish it was. Totally can't afford it.  Recognize it?  Its from Pottery Barn.  LOVE IT! 

See the cute stripped pillows?  Sew close to what I made for sew not the price. :-)  I love puns.  

Let me tell you about an awesome deal I got.  I was at Lowes. Totally there for something else. I can't help but look at sales stickers.  I'm trained.  Pillows.  $2.50 each.  WHAT???  Yep.  Totally can't pass it up.  Bought them both. :-)  I know, you would have too.

Navy blue houndstooth... Nice.  But, it doesn't match a thing in my house.  YAY! A new project.

Laid out the fabric.  Cut it with a couple inches extra on the sides. 

Took some pins and started to pin it how I wanted it.  Folded the corners like wrapping.  They actually came out pretty nice. 

Started gluing in one corner and worked my way around.  Folded the edges in on the piece of fabric that was making the flap to help it look finished. 

Then of course added a flower. Ahhh.

Tada! LOVE it!

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Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Super cute--I love the stripes too. And yay for hot glue :)

karah said...

Wow! I'm not have the same conversation with myself that you had! It turned out great!
Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

Alicia @ Sweet Ava Kate said...

This turned out great! Love the no sew approach! :)

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Nice tip! I wouldn't have thought to glue a pillow cover. Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck!